On This Day/ Mrs Robinson

On this day/ The Sounds

On this day in 2003, CBGB hosted the third annual Swedish Music Festival sponsored by Export Music Sweden and the Consulate General of Sweden. This two day festival was the first stop as the festival continued on to the South By South West Festival. This year’s headline act were The Sounds. Previous headliners include The Soundtrack of our Lives and The Hives.

On this Day/ Monsterland

On this day in 1993, Monsterland played to a packed club. This Danbury based band played from 1989- 1994, and released multiple albums. Since their 1994 breakup, singer Thom Monahan has played with The Pernice Brothers, Lilys and produced bands, such as Vetiver, Devendra Banhart and Brightblack Morning Light.

On This Day/ Queen

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On This Day in 1976, Queen’s A Night at the Opera is Certified Gold. Queen titled this album after The Marx Brother’s 1935 classic. Here’s Wayne’s World and Bohemian Rhapsody.

On This Day/ Beavis and Butthead

On this Day in 1993, Beavis and Butthead series premiers on MTV. Created by Mike Judge, this idiotic rock loving pair first appeared in his short film “Frog Baseball.” The series follows them through high school, their part time job and as music video critics. Although the series ended in 1997, they have retained a large cult following and released a full length feature film, “Beavis and Butthead Do America.”